Shannon O’Brien is an Emmy winning editor with over 16 years of experience in commercial production. Shannon originally planned to be a photojournalist until she got hooked on film work while attending Castleton State College in Vermont. In between ski sessions and tapping trees for maple syrup, Shannon landed her first editorial gig on a documentary for the Terezin Project, which showcased the artwork created by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.

Originally from Connecticut, Shannon traded her peaceful country lifestyle for the city that never sleeps. Once in New York City, she quickly found gainful employment at several leading editorial shops including: Post Perfect, Ruff House, C&C Visual and Berwyn Editorial; where she became their first female editor. In addition to commercial work, Shannon, has also cut shows and specials for HBO and MTV. Her client list ranges from work with Jon Bon Jovi to national commercials for Mitsubishi, Subway, Volvo, Coppertone, and Yamaha Water Sports, as well as broadcast promos for AMC and CBS News.

Shannon was enticed by the Lvngrm to move south of the Mason-Dixon line in 2006 to become their senior editor. It was an easy sell for her considering partnership, lack of blizzards, and the craving for peaches.

In 2009, Shannon ventured out on her own and proudly opened Long Story Short in Atlanta. Not only did it allow her passion in editing to continue to flourish, but it also unleashed her entrepreneur spirit. Shannon has an affinity for back packing, Jeep Wranglers, red wine and a crazy obsession for running 26.2 miles at a clip.